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Magnetic Eyelashes

The finest, lightest, thinnest, and most tailored, wearable eyelashes. Texture and Convenience, making natural looking and beauty simple. It’s 100% cruelty free, environment friendly and ISO 9001 certified.

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Convenient to use and easy to wear

MLEN soft magnetic permanent eyelashes use segmented magnetic attraction technology. The magnetic force is precisely controlled by precision instruments to stabilize the fragile eyelashes most suitable for Asian women. Easy to wear without damaging eyelashes. No sense of weight. 

It is only 0.15mm thick, and a pair of magnetic stripe + eyelashes weighs only 0.028 grams! No glue is needed to reduce skin sensitivity, and will not be affected by the loss of your own eyelash metabolism.

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Natural Magnetic Eyelashes Styles

Natural Medium Magnetic Eyelashes Styles

Medium Magnetic Eyelashes Styles

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ON Magnetic Eyelashes

‘antibacterial artificial mink’ eyelashes that are ultra lightweight and soft. Each lash strip weighs 0.028g and comes with a 0.04mm tip, so it's not too heavy on the lashes, nor will it look overly dramatic. 

The magnetic strips held on well to my lashes and was easy to apply and remove. For a more natural look, I had to trim 1mm off the edges, so it rested nicely on my lashes without hanging off on the sides. It's beginner-friendly.

  • Wear and remove in seconds without hurting the real eyelashes
  • No glue needed and no waiting period
  • Various style to choose from
  • Reasonable price as it can reuse up to 300 times
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