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MLEN is the only company worldwide to obtain international certification, with two registered patents on soft magnetic eyelashes, and quality and safety testing certificates in the US and China.
mlen,mlen magnetic eyelashes
mlen,mlen magnetic eyelashes
mlen,mlen magnetic eyelashes
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Material: Amorphous nano soft magnet

  • There is an amorphous UM polymer composite material coating on the soft magnetic insert. It is an international technological innovation. It can be 0.10 – 0.025mm thin, and it doesn’t leave residue behind.
  • The magnetic insert doesn’t come off. It has a high level of pliability, toughness, and oxidization resistance.
  • The amorphous nano soft magnet is super thin, fine, highly flexible, and has nano memory. It fits close to the eye, and is soft and smooth.
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Technology: Segmented multi-polar permanent magnetization

  • Strong and even magnetic force. The magnetism of an ordinary bipolar magnetic insert isn’t evenly distributed. Removing the extensions can pull on your eyelid and pluck your healthy eyelashes.
  • A bipolar magnetic insert does not fit when placed on a clip. One end fits on, and the other end sticks up. MLEN’s eyelashes fit quite gracefully on top of the clip.
  • The eyelashes don’t slide and won’t fall off in the wind; taking them off doesn’t hurt. The magnetic insert isn’t lost easily and can be used more than 300 times.

Material: Antibacterial ultra-soft fibers

  • Korean imported PBT antibacterial ultra-soft 0.025 – 0.05mm mink velvet eyelashes with an ultra-flexible 0.025mm hair tip.
  • In accordance with the highest safety standards, water absorption is less than 0.9% with a high degree of flexibility and lasting form. They are antibacterial and corrosion resistant.
  • Enjoy ultra-soft eyelashes that are like natural hair and no longer suffer with the plastic feel of ordinary eyelashes.
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Process: The most advanced process worldwide

  • Magnetic insert + eyelashes = a single pair weighing 0.001 oz, 0.028 grams; they are as light as grafted eyelashes and 2-3 times lighter than traditional fake eyelashes.
  • These eyelashes don’t deform easily; they’re comfortable, lasting, and can be worn effortlessly all day long like contact lenses.
  • Each eyelash is distinct with a proper curvature; different eyelash designs can be selected according to different eye shapes, occasions, and accessories.
mlen,mlen magnetic eyelashes

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