MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes Curling Standard

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The finest, lightest, thinnest, and most tailored, wearable eyelashes. Texture and Convenience, making natural looking and beauty simple.

mlen soft magnetic eyelash curling standard
MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes Curling Standard

A Different Kind of Lashes

  • Strong and even magnetic force. The magnetism of an ordinary bipolar magnetic insert isn’t evenly distributed. Removing the extensions can pull on your eyelid and pluck your healthy eyelashes.
  • A bipolar magnetic insert does not fit when placed on a clip. One end fits on, and the other end sticks up. MLEN’s eyelashes fit quite gracefully on top of the clip.
  • The eyelashes don’t slide and won’t fall off in the wind; taking them off doesn’t hurt. The magnetic insert isn’t lost easily and can be used more than 150 – 300 times provided with good take care. 
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MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes Styles
mlen group mlen magnetic eyelashes styles collection
MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes Styles Collection